George Ladomus Ward

Maternal Grandmother: Helen B. Ladomus, (1887-1956), Chester, PA
• School Teacher

Great Grandfather (Helen’s father): Joseph H. Ladomus, (1854-1934), Chester, PA

Great, Great Grandfather (Joseph H.’s Father): Joseph L. Ladomus, (1828-1912), Chester, PA
• Civil War Veteran: Click here to read Civil War letters; Owned and ran Chester’s only jewlery store

Great, Great, Great Grandfather (Joseph L.’s Father): Charles Alexander Ladomus,  (1783-1858), Chester, PA
• Charles A. Ladomus had an eventful history. He was a Frenchman by birth, and at the outbreak of the Revolution of 1793, his mother (being of an aristocratic family) was compelled to flee in the night to Germany with her children. Charles was at that time a lad of ten years. After the battle of Jena, Oct. 14,1805, Charles was in Berlin when the defeated Prussian army fled through that city. When the French occupied it, he acted as an interpreter for Napoleon. He subsequently made a tour of Europe on foot. For the next twelve years he practiced his occupation as a watchmaker. In 1824 he came to the United States, married Catharine Schey, a widow, and settled in Chester, where he followed the business of a jeweler and watchmaker until within a few years of his death, December 30,1859.

Paternal Grandfather: George Washington Ward, (1889-1955), Montgomery, PA
• West Point Graduate, Founder: Ward Paper Company, Philadelphia, PA

Paternal Grandmother: Grace Wilbur Ward, (1890-19), Montgomery, PA